Flora Fauna is a unique floral and event design studio specailizng in Weddings

A unique Maine floral and event design studio specailizing in weddings!

We are a small floral and event design studio in Maine specializing in weddings! We offer full service floral design as well as overall event design and unique prop rentals.  Our new studio barn is 2 stories and chalk full of fun, creative and unique props to add to your event. 

The earth laughs with flowers

We are a floral and event design studio specializing in weddings with the creative and unique details that make your event one of a kind. 


I love the way mud feels between my toes.

I love the sweet smell of puppy breath.

I love to hear the waves crash over the rocks and the pebbles trickle with the tide.

I love to feel the weight of my dogs head on my foot as I work at my computer. 

I love the sweet scent of a garden rose. 

I love the quick glimpse and smile from my boys across a lacrosse field. 

I love the smell of hay in a barn in August. 

I love the weight of my husbands arm as it rest on my shoulders.


Growing up on a farm in Maine I spent many hours in fields and barns, messing about in the gardens and taking care of my many animals. The love of all things living grew from that amazing foundation my parents provided me.  From the gifted women in my life like my mother, grandmother and sisters I learned about fashion, design and art. I take these many gifts I have been given and translate them into my floral and event design business.